Thursday, 29 March 2012

King of Sassyness

I think I have nearly achieved one of my life ambitions of being bad-ass and sassy. I am sure everyone can think of a person who they have known that, no matter what is said to them, continue on in a breeze of cool indifference. And famous people whose words you read when they are sassing someone and you feel the burn echo through the centuries (see Oscar Wilde). I have always wanted to be like that, and up until yesterday never was.

Yesterday, in front of my whole class of beginners who I was teaching at the time, one of the other trainers (which I have the misfortune of also teaching) loudly announced ‘You’re crap’. At some point during that direct and short sentence I transformed from the wimpy sensitive kid I have always been to someone of almost Winston Churchill levels of cool.

The conversation went as such:
Her: “She’s Crap’ (yes wrongly pronoun-ed)
Me: “If you’ve got anything to say to me say it to my face”
Her: “You’re Crap”
Me: “And you’re a bitch”
Her: “Yes, but you are crap”
Me: “Ah but if I’m crap I can improve, while you will always still be a bitch.”

I am going to have to eventually stop riding on my high of being one of those people that just doesn’t care (In my head I’m Douglas from Cabin Pressure at the moment) and have to address this problem like an adult. It was unprofessional of me to sink to her level in front of the whole class but what else can you do when a fellow tutor sinks to such a level to cause a scene in front of a whole class by spieling verbal abuse at me. The route of the problem is she is old school in teaching and I am new school, but I extended the courtesy to her to not state my opinions on her methods and the same should have been extended to me. I think I’ll write a letter of complaint to the committee about her, but I’ll do that later. For now I will concentrate on being cool. I might even start to wear sunglasses on indoors.

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